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Summertime is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature! There’s so many outdoor activities that it’s hard to choose which one to do! As you look at your list, there’s one activity that almost everyone can do and it requires little investment or equipment, other than a good pair of shoes. That activity is hiking. Has it been awhile since you hit the trails? Then it may just be high time to “Take a Hike”!   If you’re ready to hit the trails, there’s no better place to go for a beautiful summer hiking adventure but to the Smoky Mountains! With the warm days and cool nights, summer is primetime to explore those picturesque mountain trails and see nature at its’ best!

White water rafting can be an exciting outdoor adventure that you will never forget! It is both fun, challenging, and you can do it even if you’ve never had any previous experience. The beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature can give you an inner peace and satisfaction, while battling against the rapids will provide moments of complete exhilaration! White water rafting is a favorite summer activity in the roaring mountain streams of the Smoky Mountains and something you definitely won’t want to miss!

Taking a canoe trip is truly an amazing way to make your group or your family vacation adventuresome and memorable! Canoeing is a fun activity that can be full of thrills without being too difficult and risky. In a canoe, you can safely explore certain wilderness spots that would otherwise be difficult to get to on foot!

Soco Falls is situated in Cherokee, North Carolina close to Blue Ridge Parkway. One can easily access this double waterfall from highway 19. With just a five-minute walk down a well-maintained trail, one can arrive at a scenic viewing platform. Located on the left of the viewing platform, you will find a very steep trail that leads down the creek just below the falls. Please be advised that this trail is very slippery and people are advised to proceed with caution at their own risk.  In addition, visitors are warned that they should never enter the creek right above the falls. 

If you’re planning a biking outing in Maggie Valley, you want to visit the best trails you can find. Maggie Valley boasts a wide variety of different types of bike trails with scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains.  When selecting the best bike trail for you and your family or friends, take a moment to identify the ingredients that will make the bike ride fun for you.  For instance, do you want a smooth, relaxing, easy ride or do you prefer more of an uphill climb full of challenges, twists and turns?  Once you have a good understanding of what type of experience you are looking for, then it is time to review your options and pick out the trail that will give you the best experience.

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