Take a Hike! Tips for Hiking the Smoky Mountains

Summertime is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature! There’s so many outdoor activities that it’s hard to choose which one to do! As you look at your list, there’s one activity that almost everyone can do and it requires little investment or equipment, other than a good pair of shoes. That activity is hiking. Has it been awhile since you hit the trails? Then it may just be high time to “Take a Hike”!   If you’re ready to hit the trails, there’s no better place to go for a beautiful summer hiking adventure but to the Smoky Mountains! With the warm days and cool nights, summer is primetime to explore those picturesque mountain trails and see nature at its’ best!

White water rafting can be an exciting outdoor adventure that you will never forget! It is both fun, challenging, and you can do it even if you’ve never had any previous experience. The beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature can give you an inner peace and satisfaction, while battling against the rapids will provide moments of complete exhilaration! White water rafting is a favorite summer activity in the roaring mountain streams of the Smoky Mountains and something you definitely won’t want to miss!

Taking a canoe trip is truly an amazing way to make your group or your family vacation adventuresome and memorable! Canoeing is a fun activity that can be full of thrills without being too difficult and risky. In a canoe, you can safely explore certain wilderness spots that would otherwise be difficult to get to on foot!

There are many individuals who, being avid pet enthusiasts, will gladly take their pets hither and yon. With numerous hotels now allowing small animals, including your pet in your vacation plans is an increasingly popular choice for many travelers.   But what about those trips where taking your pet along is just not an option? Here are some pet-friendly options for your pet when your travel plans do not include them:

For those who love the excitement and rush that comes with any adventure sport, there’s nothing better than taking on the forces of nature in the form of whitewater rafting! This is an activity that is fun for both experts and beginners. Even if you have no prior rafting experience, you can enjoy this event. However, there are certain precautions that one should take to make sure you have a pleasant and safe experience.

Fly fishing in the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains is an unbelievable experience! With more than 2100 miles of streams containing 67 types of fish from twelve varied families, such as darters, minnows, bass and trout, this is a fisherman’s dream! Several mountain streams feature the famous rainbow trout, brook trout and brown trout. The Smoky Mountains National Park is well known in the US and also all over the world for it’s quality fly fishing.  It is the home of the native brook trout, the Southern Appalachian variety. It also offers some of the best small streams for fishing wild trout and all but guarantees  enthusiastic anglers a great experience!

A lot goes into planning the perfect vacation. First, there are the big decisions like where you want to go, how you’re going to get there and where you’re going to stay when you arrive. Then come the decisions of what to take with you, what to pack, what activities you’re going to do when you get there, special gear or equipment you’ll need for your activities, and the list goes on! Whether you are heading to the Smoky Mountains or somewhere just a short car ride away, any good vacation begins with a good plan. Here are a few tips on how to put together a good vacation plan:

Want to do something special and out of the ordinary on your vacation this year? Would you like to experience that “flying high” feeling? Well, maybe it’s time to add a little extra thrill to your visit to the Smokies by taking a ride in a hot air balloon!

Maggie Valley in Haywood County is one of the best spots for festivals, rallies, shows and other events in the beautiful North Carolina Smoky Mountains! Here is a detailed overview of 5 of the major 2017 Spring Events coming up in the Maggie Valley area. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar and make plans early to attend these fun events!

Do you love to see the signs of spring? Do you enjoy getting outside in the great outdoors in spring? Are you a romantic at heart? Would you like to surprise that special someone in your life with a special outing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to “spring” into action and plan a little spring picnic! Follow these simple suggestions to plan the perfect, fun, romantic outing with your favorite person and you’ll be considered a romantic genius!

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