Soco Falls is situated in Cherokee, North Carolina close to Blue Ridge Parkway. One can easily access this double waterfall from highway 19. With just a five-minute walk down a well-maintained trail, one can arrive at a scenic viewing platform. Located on the left of the viewing platform, you will find a very steep trail that leads down the creek just below the falls. Please be advised that this trail is very slippery and people are advised to proceed with caution at their own risk.  In addition, visitors are warned that they should never enter the creek right above the falls. 

Before you embark on any adventure in the great outdoors of the Smoky Mountains, please make sure you are well equipped with the essentials.  First of all, it is important that you wear comfortable, non-slip footwear that will be safe as your trail might include some areas that are a little wet or include a few slippery areas.  Please note that some type of hiking shoes or sneakers is probably the best choice for this activity.  Next, as with any outdoor activity, be sure to wear comfortable clothes, and bring sunscreen and water.

Distance From Maggie Valley and Cherokee 

One can access Soco Falls from the towns of Cherokee and Maggie Valley. It is located approximately 5.5 miles from Maggie Valley and approximately 10 miles from Cherokee. If you are staying at Maggie Valley, proceed 1.5 miles past Blue Ridge parkway. Before reaching the waterfall, you will come across a blue signpost telling you that Soco Falls is only half a mile away. Look for a roadside parking area on your left. It is small area that can easily be missed if you’re not paying close attention.  Please note that the sign also easy to drive past without notice.

From this roadside parking area, one can clearly hear the beautiful sound of the rushing Soco Falls from a distance. Right at the break of the guardrail, the trail starts. It can take an average person approximately 5 minutes or less to walk to the best Soco Falls’ observation deck. At this viewing point, one is in a position to view the taller falls that are approximately 120 foot in height. During the periods when the tree leaves have fallen off, especially during winter months, one can as well clearly see much smaller falls on their left.

For closer views, you can choose to continue down the available steep trail. This steep trail runs right to the waterfall’s base from the deck. One can access the base with the help of ropes. People are advised to use the section with ropes that help with balance. In addition, people are warned that this section is very slippery and they should be very careful.

Soco Falls Hiking Trail

The hiking trail begins where the parking area meets the metal fence and the guardrail. It is a rough trail, but manageable at the same time. The short trail leads to a wooden observation deck. On the right, one can view gorgeous falls of more than 50 feet. From this location, one can see the tallest of the two main falls and also a number of small secondary falls.

Before the deck, another trail leads down to the view of other smaller falls.  People should always be careful and avoid getting too close to the falls’ top because the rocks are slippery and the drop is very long. Most people prefer viewing the falls from the available observation deck. However, on the deck’s left are climbing ropes that are attached to trees. Adventurous people can climb down using the ropes to the bottom for better views and more photo opportunities. This route is very slippery and steep and people should consider being very careful. Please exercise extreme caution here and follow the safety precautions to the tee because a slip of the foot here can very well lead to serious injury or even death!   While it is wonderful to get a closer look at such a gift of nature, it is certainly not worth the risk of sustaining painful or life-threatening consequences.

Soco Falls is one of nature’s gorgeous gifts and is definitely worth the short drive from Maggie Valley to drink in its’ natural beauty!  Wear non-slip footwear and follow the safety guidelines and you will have a wonderful outdoor adventure in the Smoky Mountains!

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