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If you love to go horseback riding, trail riding in the Smoky Mountains is one of the most pleasurable outdoor experiences you can have! It is a wonderful way to enjoy an activity that you love, while exploring hidden nature trails and taking in picturesque mountain scenery!   Before you tackle those mountain trails, however, it is wise to review some trail-riding safety tips.

Have you ever wondered how certain fishermen have such great “luck” catching trout? Could it be they know some “secrets” that you don’t know? With these guidelines, you just might end up being an expert trout fisherman as well! Whether you’re just getting started or have been fishing for years, this information will definitely be useful! First, we will review some basic information about trout fishing and the different ways to catch trout, then we will reveal some tips that will help you to excel at this sport!

Words of Wisdom 

Trout are freshwater fish that love to live in cold, mountain streams. Some of the most common types of trout are the brown, steelhead, lake and rainbow trout. Trout that have been living in the Smoky Mountains of the National Park are massively wild. They were first born in these streams. Their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents also made their home in these wild pools and mountain streams. In the early in 1970’s, the National Park Service stopped stocking trout in the Smoky Mountains. Occasionally, a stocked trout might be seen venturing into the mountain streams from the nearby stocked streams, but in most cases, these fish are massively wild. Here are a few guidelines to help as you fish for trout:

Check the Water Currents

If you happen to understand how exactly a river or stream of water is shaped by the varying movements of water, it’ll be much easier for you to catch a trout. The deep pools that are made from the current can manage to accommodate a big trout, but the smaller ones can also be found there. The larger trout can be seen in these areas mostly during the dusk and dawn.

Blend In

Trout are wild creatures that end up surviving because they are extremely wary. This is an innate gift that is genetically passed down from generation to generation. Trout tend to be skittish and afraid of most things, which actually works in their favor! Choose to wear dark or subdued colored clothing while fishing so that you won’t scare the poor creatures away!

Choose Your Lures Wisely

If you want to master the art of catching a trout, make it a point to be choosey about the lures you choose. Using the wrong lure can result in missed opportunities. Check with the locals in the area you’d like to fish in for their recommendation of the best lures.

Use Power Bait Only for Stocked Trout

If you are fishing or fly fishing for trout with power bait, make sure that your chosen trout in the water body is not native, but well-stocked (raised in farm). Typically, wild trout will never bite on the power bait; stocked trout will because they are already accustomed to eating small pellets from their hatchery. Due to this reason, they will eat anything and everything that looks or smells like the pellets.

Choose the Best Kind of Live Bait

Using live bait can be an excellent idea for trout fishing. Night crawlers, minnows and crayfish can be excellent choices of live bait.

Use a Silver Spoon

Trout, especially lake trout, love biting on small little silver spoons.  You can take advantage of this tip by coming up with a lure that looks like a spoon. This can help you lure the trout easily without frightening or alarming them. Just remember the old phrase that our grandparents used to use… “Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” In the case of trout fishing, they would like this!

These are just a few tips to help you find the secret formula to successful trout fishing! You can test out these tips during your next fishing trip to the beautiful Smoky Mountains! Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley, NC is a wonderful place to make your home base to relax and unwind after a long day of trout fishing! Call us today at 828-926-1301 and let our friendly staff help you plan a memorable fishing experience! Your stay at Creekside Lodge in the scenic Smoky Mountains is sure to be one of your favorite fishing getaways! Call today to reserve your date!

Regarded by many as one of nature’s most majestic scenes, the beautiful fall colors and changes in the Great Smoky Mountains are truly a sight to behold! Due to its’ breathtaking foliage and diversity, the Great Smokies have been a hotspot for both tourists and locals for generations! Here are a few tips on how to plan your visit so you won’t miss out!

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