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If you’re planning a visit to the Smoky Mountains over the holidays, the Christmas party at Dollywood is a must-do event! Throughout the Christmas season, Dollywood features over 4 million spectacular lights, fantastic food, and award-winning entertainment! This event is a wonderful way for you, your family and friends to kick off your holiday celebration in true Smoky Mountain fashion!

This holiday event is running from November 5th through January 1st, giving you plenty of time to come and enjoy the festivities! Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to be there:

Unique Attractions

This year, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer from the beloved Christmas TV special will once again come to life and pay an exclusive visit to Dollywood to enthrall the guests! Everyone can meet and greet Rudolph and his friends, including Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, Clarice, and Yukon Cornelius in Rudolph’s Jolly Junction. Holiday happenings with Rudolph is lots of fun and a hit with people of all ages!

After meeting Rudolph and his friends, you can then move on to Clarice’s kitchen, join in baking special holiday cookies, or even to take part in simple reindeer games. Or if you’re feeling particularly “artsy” that day, you’re invited to draw a picture in Sam the Snowman’s giant snow globe! Sound like fun? Well, there’s alot more to come!

One of the most popular holiday events is Dollywood’s presentation of “A Christmas Carol”. This production uses holographic technology to bring Dolly Parton alive as the ghost of Christmas Past. The entire production is the heartwarming tale of Scrooge’s transformation. It features a16-member cast, entirely orchestrated musical soundtracks, and elegant period costuming that would make your heart melt. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to soak in the warm mountain spirit of the festive season!

Returning Events

For those seeking a dash of nostalgia, production such as
“An Appalachian Christmas”, “Christmas in the Smokies”, “Twas the Night before Christmas”, “Carol of the Trees”, and many others are making a comeback once again. The nightly Parade of Lights with its’ procession of lifelike characters and toys, is a wonderful way to top off a perfect day!

There’s something for everyone at Dollywood’s Christmas party! If you have little ones, you can head over to Santa’s workshop and let them share their Christmas Wish List with Santa. If you’re a foodie, Dollywood’s dinner menus would feature a broad variety of holiday themed eateries. Among the favorite picks are roasted turkey breast, baked chicken, pit ham, sweet potato casserole, and the very popular cornbread dressing.

And just wait till you taste Dollywood’s holiday desserts! From red velvet cake, homemade pumpkin pie, and pumpkin rolls to fruitcakes, sweet potato pie, and sweet tea, the treats at Dollywood will leave you wanting more!

Come On Over!

Come celebrate the spirit of this festive season at Dollywood! With so many different things to see and do, Dollywood offers something for everyone! Come share in the joy of the season in this beautiful Smoky Mountain setting!

If you are looking for a comfortable, cozy, mountain retreat for your holiday getaway, check out Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley, NC. Located a quick 11⁄2 hour drive from Dollywood, Creekside Lodge is a wonderful family-owned vacation retreat! Call us today at 800-621-1260 and let our friendly staff help you set your vacation schedule! Then just sit back and get ready to make some wonderful holiday memories!

Maggie Valley is an excellent place to go for those considering a relaxing mountain holiday. Maggie Valley is one of those hidden treasures tucked away in the Smoky Mountains that is packed with family-friendly activities in a relaxed, small-town atmosphere! With its picturesque mountain backdrop, Maggie Valley is always a great place to visit and becomes especially charming during the holiday season.

To us North Carolinians, it is entrenched in our DNA to make the most of our holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays and New Year! We love to celebrate this time of year! One of our favorite places to enjoy holiday fun is Asheville, NC. Located just 40 minutes from Maggie Valley, Asheville is a fun day trip and an easy drive from Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley.

The Smoky Mountains National Park is arguably one of the best wildlife viewing sanctuaries across the country. Upon your visit to the Smokies, you will be visiting an area that hosts more than 200 varieties of birds, about 67-70 types of fish, 80 species of reptiles and more than 65 species of mammals and amphibians.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a haven of surprises! The mountain magic takes on a life all of it’s own in the crisp, autumn air!   The Smoky Mountains literally come alive with the vibrant, colors of fall, making the Blue Ridge Parkway a spectacular sight! Annual Fall Festivals are in full swing, adding beautifully

If you love to go horseback riding, trail riding in the Smoky Mountains is one of the most pleasurable outdoor experiences you can have! It is a wonderful way to enjoy an activity that you love, while exploring hidden nature trails and taking in picturesque mountain scenery!   Before you tackle those mountain trails, however, it is wise to review some trail-riding safety tips.

Have you ever wondered how certain fishermen have such great “luck” catching trout? Could it be they know some “secrets” that you don’t know? With these guidelines, you just might end up being an expert trout fisherman as well! Whether you’re just getting started or have been fishing for years, this information will definitely be useful! First, we will review some basic information about trout fishing and the different ways to catch trout, then we will reveal some tips that will help you to excel at this sport!

Words of Wisdom 

Trout are freshwater fish that love to live in cold, mountain streams. Some of the most common types of trout are the brown, steelhead, lake and rainbow trout. Trout that have been living in the Smoky Mountains of the National Park are massively wild. They were first born in these streams. Their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents also made their home in these wild pools and mountain streams. In the early in 1970’s, the National Park Service stopped stocking trout in the Smoky Mountains. Occasionally, a stocked trout might be seen venturing into the mountain streams from the nearby stocked streams, but in most cases, these fish are massively wild. Here are a few guidelines to help as you fish for trout:

Check the Water Currents

If you happen to understand how exactly a river or stream of water is shaped by the varying movements of water, it’ll be much easier for you to catch a trout. The deep pools that are made from the current can manage to accommodate a big trout, but the smaller ones can also be found there. The larger trout can be seen in these areas mostly during the dusk and dawn.

Blend In

Trout are wild creatures that end up surviving because they are extremely wary. This is an innate gift that is genetically passed down from generation to generation. Trout tend to be skittish and afraid of most things, which actually works in their favor! Choose to wear dark or subdued colored clothing while fishing so that you won’t scare the poor creatures away!

Choose Your Lures Wisely

If you want to master the art of catching a trout, make it a point to be choosey about the lures you choose. Using the wrong lure can result in missed opportunities. Check with the locals in the area you’d like to fish in for their recommendation of the best lures.

Use Power Bait Only for Stocked Trout

If you are fishing or fly fishing for trout with power bait, make sure that your chosen trout in the water body is not native, but well-stocked (raised in farm). Typically, wild trout will never bite on the power bait; stocked trout will because they are already accustomed to eating small pellets from their hatchery. Due to this reason, they will eat anything and everything that looks or smells like the pellets.

Choose the Best Kind of Live Bait

Using live bait can be an excellent idea for trout fishing. Night crawlers, minnows and crayfish can be excellent choices of live bait.

Use a Silver Spoon

Trout, especially lake trout, love biting on small little silver spoons.  You can take advantage of this tip by coming up with a lure that looks like a spoon. This can help you lure the trout easily without frightening or alarming them. Just remember the old phrase that our grandparents used to use… “Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth?” In the case of trout fishing, they would like this!

These are just a few tips to help you find the secret formula to successful trout fishing! You can test out these tips during your next fishing trip to the beautiful Smoky Mountains! Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley, NC is a wonderful place to make your home base to relax and unwind after a long day of trout fishing! Call us today at 828-926-1301 and let our friendly staff help you plan a memorable fishing experience! Your stay at Creekside Lodge in the scenic Smoky Mountains is sure to be one of your favorite fishing getaways! Call today to reserve your date!

Regarded by many as one of nature’s most majestic scenes, the beautiful fall colors and changes in the Great Smoky Mountains are truly a sight to behold! Due to its’ breathtaking foliage and diversity, the Great Smokies have been a hotspot for both tourists and locals for generations! Here are a few tips on how to plan your visit so you won’t miss out!

The Smoky Mountains or the “Great Smoky Mountains”, is the mountain range located on the Tennessee – North Carolina border in the southeastern part of the United States. It is also simply referred to as “the Smokies”. The Smoky Mountains are best known for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which protects most of the mountain range. This scenic national park features numerous beautiful, mountain streams and has become a very popular fishing destination!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, The Smoky Mountains are truly one of the most amazing places to explore! In addition to the obvious breathtaking beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there are many hidden treasures waiting to be found here! If you are planning to hike the trails of these mountains, here are a few safety measures you need to take into consideration before you set out on your hike.

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