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Maggie Valley is a small town in Haywood County, North Carolina that is awash with tourist destinations and numerous attractions. It is home to the famed Sky amusement park in which Ghost Town is located. There are many tourist activities and top restaurants where you can sample the finest in savory cuisines Maggie Valley has to offer. There are many places to eat in this area but nothing caps off a good trip better than a visit to some of their best eateries and restaurants, all of them just minutes away from Creekside Lodge.   From home cooking to world-class dishes, Maggie Valley has a variety that will never leave you bored or wanting!

Maggie Valley, NC is known to have some of the best golf courses in America! Some of these courses have won awards and continue attracting hundreds of visitors each year. They come both to play tee offs and enjoy the serene environment of Great Smoky Mountains! Below are some of the most popular golf courses in the region that you will want to check out:

Do you like natural swimming pools? Do you want to enjoy the waterfalls? If you love to swim and you love the great outdoors, nothing can enhance your swimming experience more than a swim in one of nature’s swimming holes!  Just imagine a natural swimming pool nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains backdrop! What a refreshing and exhilarating outdoors experience! If this sounds appealing to you, stay tuned as I reveal to you some of the best natural swimming holes of the Maggie Valley Area!

Asheville, North Carolina is home to of one of the most beautiful historical estates in the United States, The Biltmore Estate.   This magnificent property is located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains approximately, approximately a 40 minute drive from Maggie Valley, NC.  Situated on a staggering 8000-acre estate, this 250-room house was the genius work of George Vanderbilt II. This breathtaking piece architectural genius was originally built as a private residence and was completed at the end of the nineteenth century. Today, the hotel has become a top tourist attraction that any travel enthusiast cannot afford to miss out. Here are some of the top reasons you must visit the Biltmore hotel in Asheville:

  1. The Biltmore is Rich in History

George Vanderbilt, the founder of Biltmore Estate was born in 1862.  In 1888, he visited Blue Ridge Mountains with his mother and loved the place. In his mind, he envisioned building a luxurious country home here to enjoy.  In 1889, the construction of the Biltmore house began. This architectural construction took place over a period of 6 years.

In 1895, the home was opened to host friends and family. This house was made up of a staggering 43 bathrooms, 35 bedrooms and 65 fireplaces among other facilities. In 1898, George married his wife Edith and in 1900 the construction of the horse barn and dairy barn kicked off. After his death in 1914, his only daughter Cornelia and her husband Cecil opened the house to the public where it was used to promote the failing tourism sector during depression.

During World War II in 1942, the house was used to store priceless works of art that had been shifted from Washington DC.   In 1971, William Cecil planted his first vines at the Biltmore and later established the Biltmore Wine Company in 1983. In the latter years, The Inn, Antler Hill Village and the Village Hotel were opened consecutively at the Biltmore Estate.

  1. The Biltmore Consists of Breathtaking Architectural Designs

The Biltmore Hotel offers a wonderful opportunity for art lovers to study the designs of art décor hall and Tudor-style homes. The tour of the hotel is simply unbelievable!  It is amazing to witness that the architectural designs were so highly advanced at that time.

  1. There are Wonderful Festivals Held at the Biltmore

A visit to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville allows you to sample their grand yearly festivities such as the following:

  • Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film-This is a yearly exhibition that showcases wedding fashion as it has evolved across the centuries. This takes place in Antler hill village and includes stories of its founders.
  • Biltmore Concert Series-This is where famed musicians take the stage to entertain their fans with great music. This takes place on the South Terrace of Biltmore House.
  • Summer at The Biltmore- Here people come together to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing etc.
  • Candlelight Christmas Evenings-The Biltmore hotel offers extravagant Christmas evenings that are awash with firelight, candlelit dinners and live music to soothe your soul.
  1. Tourist Attractions at The Biltmore

The Biltmore Hotel offers a wide array of tourist attractions that are breathtaking to say the least. These include:

  • Beautiful manicured gardens such as the azalea garden and the walled garden. These gardens offer a magnificent view as well as excellent relaxation places and were designed by the famous architect Frederick Law Olmstead.
  • The Conservatory- Designed by Richard Hunt, this is a glass green house that is home to palms, ferns and orchids among other plants.
  • The Bass Pond- This is a romantic area that is private to enable you have those quiet, intimate moments, especially at the boathouse.
  • Great Photo Spots-There are great picnic sites here that offer breathtaking views of the hotel such as the pathway from the house to the winery.
  • Antler Hill Village – This is a cozy place that’s ideal for dining, wining, shopping and also learning more about the history of Biltmore. It is home to the winery and the farm.
  • Winery- Here you can enjoy a guided or self-guided tour of the winery and sample some of the finest Baltimore wines.
  • The Farm- This is home to a wide variety of animals such as goats and chickens since the Biltmore Estate was once a full-fledged farm.

In case you have never toured Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, now you have every reason to do so and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.   The Biltmore is just one of many wonderful outings you can take during your stay at Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley!  Please call our friendly staff at Creekside Lodge at (800) 621-1260 and reserve your spot today!   We look forward to helping you plan a wonderful visit and many beautiful vacation memories!

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