If you’re a motorcycle lover, you will be intrigued by the exquisite and rare pieces at the Wheels Through Time Museum located in Maggie Valley, NC!  The awe-inspiring collection motorcycles began with a man named Dale Walksler and his passion for collecting and restoring old motorcycles.  

How Wheels Through Time Began

Dale’s love for motorcycles grew from personally collecting old motorcycles in 1969, to owning a Harley Davidson Dealership in Illinois in 1977 and developed into the creation of a dream, the Wheels Through Time Museum, which Dale founded in 2002.  Dale’s passion and deep understanding of America’s motorcycle culture is well represented in his extensive motorcycle collection showcased in the Wheels Through Time Museum.  Dale is not only an avid collector of rare motorcycles, but he is also an articulate spokesperson for America’s motorcycle culture.

What is the Museum Like?

The Museum has a unique environment, and many visitors explain the environment of being like an old garage. The layout of the museum is not merely the lighting and the artwork, but it’s appeal and popularity has increased because of the authentic aura it provides to the visitors. This unique atmosphere is entrenched with the history of motorcycles in America. Also found in the museum are rare pieces of motorcycle memorabilia, which include an array of accessories that people who rode that bike used or wore.

The museum has 25 plus makes of motorcycles, including the oldest motorcycles in the world. Motorcycles of the renowned makers from all over the world like Harley-Davidson, Henderson, Indian, Excelsior are present as exhibits at the Wheels of Time Museum at NC. Also, the famous Flying Merkel, an extremely rare piece is an exhibit that the Museum proudly showcases. One of the most rare motorcycles of the world, the Traub is also exhibited here, and considered to be a jewel in the world of motorcycles.

Wheels Through Time and its TV Debut

Being a TV personality is not a new experience for Dale and his enthusiastic team of Bike lovers.  In 2014, Discover/Velocity featured Dale and his crew in its’ successful TV series “What’s in the Barn?” This show has recently started their second season on Velocity TV.  The show follows the journey of Dale and his son, Matt as they search for rare motorcycles and memorabilia. The members of “American Pickers” TV show have always relied on Dale for his knowledge and expertise. Recently in 2016, Dale and his crew were casted by the History Channel in their TV show “American Restoration”. The primary idea of the show is to bring the two-wheeler history of America back to life, which is exactly what Dale has been doing for the past decade. The TV show will feature four other shops, where each of them will be showcasing their unique talent.  Dale and his top mechanic, John Gustafson, will also be featured in the show.

Wheels Through Time Museum Has Universal Appeal

This museum is a must visit for all Bike lovers! In fact, automobile enthusiasts will also find their flair in the Wheels Through Time Museum. Since the opening of the museum in 2002, the museum has been visited by three-quarters of a million bike enthusiasts, and the following is growing every year. To enhance the unique appeal of the over 100 year old motorcycles, they have been preserved in exactly the same dusty state they were found in. The classic motorcycles on display are used daily by Dale and his son Matt, who take visitors for a spin around the museum!  The museum also holds its’ annual contest where they award a classic motorcycle to the winner. The competition is a lottery-based drawing held at the end of the year, and one lucky winner gets a classic motorcycle!

When it comes to Motorcycles, Wheels Through Time Museum has one of the best collections in the country! Starting from the mysterious 1916 Traub, and the hill climbing dirt bikes, to the modified bicycles with fuel tanks and bolted on their engines, the Wheels Through Time Museum goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of any motorcycle enthusiast!   It’s something you definitely don’t want to miss!

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