Maggie Valley is an excellent place to go for those considering a relaxing mountain holiday. Maggie Valley is one of those hidden treasures tucked away in the Smoky Mountains that is packed with family-friendly activities in a relaxed, small-town atmosphere! With its picturesque mountain backdrop, Maggie Valley is always a great place to visit and becomes especially charming during the holiday season. The Cataloochee Ski Area, Wheels Through Time and Cataloochee Ranch are a few of the most in-demand attractions. With its’ special mixture of fun outdoor activities and cozy inside holiday gatherings, Maggie Valley will keep you returning to share many holidays to come!

Here are some suggestions of places to visit during your holiday stay in Maggie Valley:

1. Cataloochee Ski Area

Even before the ski season hits, this is a wonderful place to visit just to look at the beautiful mountain view!
During ski season, this ski area provides mountains of enjoyment for everybody, from snowboarders to skiers, from beginners to experts. With eighteen slopes plus trails, newbies can obtain a feel comfortable on the smooth and gentle slopes (lessons and private classes are also accessible), while the more adventurous can visit the ramps, boxes and also rails at Cat Cage Park. If you’re an experienced skier with a need for speed, check out this particular mountain.

2. Cataloochee Ranch 

If you’re looking for a place to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, check out Cataloochee Ranch. With its’ rustic ranch atmosphere, it is a great place to enjoy the peace and harmony of the Smoky Mountains. Instead of stressing out, sit back, relax and enjoy its’ comfortable, welcoming spirit.

3. Maggie Valley Opry House
The Maggie Valley Opry House might be a very simple building however is alive with homegrown mountain tunes! You will certainly want to spend the evening savoring live bluegrass, mountain music together with renowned bluegrass performer, Raymond Fairchild.

4. Maggie Valley Club & Resort

Known for its’ hospitality, spectacular mountain landscapes, and it’s challenging golf, Maggie Valley Club has been a favorite for many years. Whether you choose to spend the day on the recently refurbished golf course, or check out miles of trails, Maggie Valley Club offers enjoyment for all ages.

5. Wheels Through Time

Wheels Through Time Museum is not only a local attraction, but has also been featured nationally on the TV show “American Restoration” in January 2016.

This Wheels Through Time Museum houses the planet’s leading collection of unique American Vintage Motorcycles. This All-American motorbike museum houses more than 300 of America’s most historic traditional motorcycles, with more than 26 marques on display, such as Indian, Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Henderson, Crocker, plus much more. It also features a large number of motorcycle-related displays, which range from hill climbing, board track racers, and original paint devices, choppers and bobbers, American Dirt Track racing, and other distinctive motorbikes.

Probably the best aspect of Wheels Through Time is the fact that the majority of the historic equipment on display are actually maintained in running condition. Machines are run on a regular basis for the visitors, making WTT among only a handful of locations in the world where one can both learn the history of transportation, and also hear and observe lots of unusual and invaluable devices operating as well as riding.

Wheels Through Time Museum is likewise “home-base” for the hit TV series of Velocity Channel, “What’s In the Barn?” This series started during summer season 2013, and catches up with the museum founder as well as curator, Dale Walksler while he crisscrosses the American motorbike history that has been hidden away for a long time. Right now approaching its third season, Dale along with his son Matt keep on traveling the country looking for rare and historical machines, showing that no lead is too small or too big.

6.  Creekside Lodge

If you’re looking for a wonderful, mountain holiday, Maggie Valley is the perfect place for you!   And if you’re looking for a comfortable, cozy lodging, Creekside Lodge is the perfect fit for you! Enjoy outside activities and then come back to relax to this family owned lodge. Call Maggie Valley Creekside Lodge today and reserve your spot before it’s all booked up! Call us at 800-621-1260 and let our friendly staff help you with your holiday plans! Then pack your bags and get set to enjoy a wonderful mountain holiday!