Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis is the ultimate transportation to freedom”. For ski fans, this is gospel truth. There is something magical about sliding down an icy mountain with nothing but white powder all around you! Something else that true ski fans understand is the fact that location is everything. The Cataloochee Ski Area in the Smoky Mountains offers one of the best places to ski in the South Eastern United State by offering the perfect combination of both a fun and challenging venue.
This means that whether you are a newbie on the powder or you are an experienced ski pro, you are in for a treat!

Where Exactly Is Cataloochee?

Located right next to the Maggie Valley, Cataloochee Ski Area is surrounded by magnificent towering peaks and slopes of the Great Smoky Mountains. This beautiful mountain backdrop provides a gorgeous setting for great ski adventures!

What To Look Forward To

· 18 Ski Trails

The Cataloochee Ski Area is, as the name suggests, skiing paradise. You have up to 18 ski trails to look forward to while on your snowy adventure. The best thing about these trails is the fact that each and every one of them is unique and presents its own set of challenges and rewards. There are ski trails for all levels of skiers, from beginners to expert skiers.

· Well Groomed Snow Surface

While skiing, the last thing anyone wants is to have his or her smooth descent interrupted by a random rock or chip from a broken ski or snowboard. At Cataloochee, this is something you will never have to worry about! Our ski runs are meticulously groomed to ensure that there are no unnecessary obstacles in your way.

· Cable Cars and Moving Carpet Lifts 

These come in super handy when you decide to brave the longer and steeper trails. These lifts are also a great way to take in all the beautiful mountain views that Cataloochee has to offer.

· Professional Grade Training for All Levels 

Even if you have never skied before, you can put your cares at ease while at Cataloochee. This is because the ski area is home to some of the best ski instructors in the industry! Whether you have a child taking up a new hobby or you are an adult looking to try something new, these instructors will have you navigating through the snow in no time!

· Access to Over 4000 Tools and Equipment 

Finally, you have a vast array of tools and equipment at your disposal at Cataloochee that will help make your snowy adventures a complete success! At Cataloochee, you can rent everything from snowboards and ski shoes to mittens and earmuffs. If you need it for the snow, rest assured that they have it.

· Tube World 

Just a short distance away, you can take to the snow via snow tubing. Tube World offers you the chance to have more fun in the snow by trying out snow tubing.

When Is The Best Time To Visit? 

The icing on this frosty cake is the fact that you get to enjoy the snow without having to worry about peak season. This is because it has one of the longest thick snow seasons in the area, starting in November and lasting up to 125 days!

Bottom Line 

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that Cataloochee deserves every bit of the hype it has received! Everything from the location to the terrain and facilities make it perfect for ski enthusiasts of every level! If you’re looking for a wonderful, snowy adventure combined with genuine southern hospitality, check out Cataloochee Ski Area in beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina!

To top off your Smoky Mountain ski adventure, make plans to stay in the cozy Creekside Lodge in Maggie Valley. At Maggie Valley’s Creekside Lodge, you will be welcomed by a friendly, professional staff who will always go above and beyond to assure your comfort and enjoyment! Reserve your spot today by calling us at 800-621-1260. Our team is waiting to

assist you and help make this ski trip a relaxing and enjoyable excursion! Make your plans today and get set for a wonderful ski vacation!