The Blue Ridge Parkway is America’s longest linear park, covering a distance of 469 miles, and is one of America’s most scenic mountain drives. Although not a National Park, this parkway is primarily maintained by the National Park Services. It was built mainly to connect the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the Shenandoah National Park. Passing through 29 counties staring from Rockfish gap in Virginia up thru North Carolina (NC), the southern terminus of this parkway is between the Smoky Mountain National Park and Cherokee Indian Reservation, N.C., which is around 21 miles from Maggie Valley. The entire stretch is noted for offering the best scenic drive experience and has a number of notable landmarks and pure natural beauty, without the chaotic intervention of commercialization.  Overflowing with flora, fauna and wildlife, this stretch makes an amazing vacation destination or is just as beautiful to drive through!

Nature Trails

Blue Ridge Parkway has numerous nature trails for nature lovers, campers and hikers.  The Appalachian Trail, Shining Rock Wilderness Trail, Mountain Farm Trail, Mountain to Sea Trails are examples of some of the most famous trails. These nature trails cater to hiker and campers from all over the world and even attract amateur hikers. Most of these trails are meant to be explored by foot, nevertheless, taking a drive along these pristine locations can refresh your mind and body with its’ breathtaking beauty!

Noted Landmarks & Attractions

Stretching to above 450 miles, this parkway hosts a number of famous landmarks and beautiful spots, which can make your road trip even more worthwhile! From high standing mountain peaks to colorful valleys, let’s take a look at some of the most noted stretches or locations that you will cover during a scenic drive through Blue Ridge Parkway.

Ravens Roost – Sitting above a cliff right after mile 10 of the parkway, Ravens Roost offers impeccable scenic views of Torry Mountains and Shenandoah Valley. Mostly attracting tourists and locals for activities like hang-gliding, rock climbing, etc. it is otherwise a breathtaking location to sit, relax and traverse into nature.

Sherando Lake Campground – One of the most popular camping spots in this stretch, Sherando Lake Campground in Virginia is just 4.5 miles off the parkway and caters to new campers greatly because of comfortable washrooms and showers present. Take time to enjoy the beautiful, tranquil environment of Sherando Lake.

Linville Falls – Milepost 316.4 guides you to the start of Linville Gorge. This lovely location includes the peak highlight of Linville Falls and attracts not only tourists, but locals too. There are a number of walking trails around this region, which will let you explore nature like never before.

Devil’s Courthouse – Devil’s Courthouse is located on the west of Pisgah National Forest and offers unparalleled views of the Blue Ridge mountain peaks. Noted for its folklore and Cherokee legends surrounding this place, Devil’s courthouse at mile 422.4 is a popular spot for anyone exploring the Parkway!

Looking Glass Rock – Famous amongst rock-climbers, this granite face rock reflects sunlight in a way that makes it look like glass thus earning its moniker. This spot provides beautiful views of the parkway itself and mountains in Transylvania County, NC.

Craggy Gardens – With its’ rocky peaks, beautiful gardens and breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains, Craggy gardens is another tourist hotspot. Craggy Gardens is located at an elevation of 3500 feet and is best visited during summer when it is covered in a thick blanket of pink and purple rhododendrons. Located between mile 363.4 and 369.6, this is a perfect spot to take a halt during your scenic drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Richland Balsam – Mile 431 leads to Richland Balsam, one of the most sought after landmarks in this stretch.  With its’ high peak elevation of 6020 feet. Richland Balsam offers an impeccable view of both sunrise and sunset.  Numerous self-guided nature trails around this area allow you to explore the wonders of nature amidst a rich scent of Balsam and Fraser fir trees.

The entire drive from Maggie Valley through Cherokee, NC through the Blue Ridge Parkway is picturesque and pristine! Its’ many spots of breathtaking beauty beckons to all nature lovers and makes it one of the most popular parkways in the world!   This is just one of the many experiences that await you in the Maggie Valley, NC area!  Don’t delay!  Book your dates at Creekside Lodge today!  Call the friendly staff of Creekside Lodge at (800) 621-1260 and let us help your make your visit to Maggie Valley and Blue Ridge Parkway a wonderful experience you will never forget!