Horseback riding is among the most popular of activities to do in the Great Smoky Mountains. The iconic scenery and luscious mountain trails make an ideal setting for a wonderful outdoor experience! There are several local horse stables close to Creekside Lodge that provide traditional facilities, riding instructions, and both short and long trail rides, offering a wonderful opportunity to explore the hills and the beautiful Smoky Mountains. A leisurely horseback ride can be the perfect way to start or end a relaxing vacation day.

For the serious horse lover, a great place to visit is the Western North Carolina Agricultural Centre located the town of Ashville. This Centre is famous for hosting horsemanship championships, horse shows and similar events.  A drive into the beautiful city of Ashville can make a wonderful day trip!

Once you have decided to add a horseback riding experience, just where can you find the best horseback riding trails? Here are a few recommended stables:

Cataloochee Ranch: This is one of the best-known horse ranches in all of North Carolina. Ideal for horse lovers, you can easily take a morning ride amidst a mile high type meadow where you will find that the mountains stretch, ridge beyond ridge to almost the very edges of eternity. Once you go there, you can savor the quite ambience, the lush display of rhododendron and the green forest trails that intricately wind through the entire ranch and amidst the Great Smoky Mountains. In any case, whether you are an expert or a novice rider or something in the middle, the experience of horseback riding on the Cataloochee Ranch is sure to be one of your best mountain memories! The ranch offers half-day as well as full-day rides and the ideal time to visit is April thru November. All horseback riding activity is strictly directed by professionals and riders are grouped according to the level of their riding skill. Your professional guides are responsible to decide the pace and the terrain based on skill level, terrain, and present weather conditions.

Little Creek Outfitters: Located in Hot Springs in Western North Carolina this ranch is an ideal place to experience the beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains! The facility offers horseback riding for 1 to 5 persons on a full-day or half-day basis and overnight rides can be arranged here. The horse will walk, canter or trot with you on its back during the overnight and sunset rides. Highly professional wranglers will be your guides and are always equipped with first aid kits and radio communication with the head Ranch office. This is a great place to saddle up and enjoy a leisurely, long ride amidst the wildflowers and beautiful and lush trails!

Smokemont Riding Stables: This ranch in Cherokee offers the best hourly rates amongst all other horse ranches in the area. Located approximately 15 miles from Maggie Valley, you can experience a horseback ride during a climb up the mountain and enjoy the trail amidst the beautiful scenery and flowing waterfall. The ranch has various levels of rides based on the skills of the riders. The trail follows the beautiful path along the Ocanaluftee River in and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Sandy Bottom Trail Rides: For those riders interested in half day horseback riding, one can easily choose from amongst the several packages that offer the most relaxing and intuitive horse riding lessons in the Maggie Valley and the Blue Ridge Parkway area. The Sandy Bottom trail is a one to four hour secluded trail through the wooded lands and high country parts that ensures horseback riders enjoyment of the best scenic, panoramic mountain views!

Whether you are a horse enthusiast or just someone who wants to try out a new outdoor adventure, horseback riding can enhance your visit to Creekside Lodge and make your stay even more enjoyable! Don’t wait! Call Creekside Lodge at (800) 621-1260 today to book your reservation to enjoy your own mountain adventure!